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Naples FL Real Estate – How Come No One Else Bought It?

I love going to the beach every morning looking for shells and I am always hoping it is a slow market low tide, so I would have a big selection of shells to choose from and find my rare and elusive Alphabet Cone, Colorful Natica, or Paper Fig.  Ahead of me, I see someone bending down to pick something up. My heart sinks and I am afraid they got to my favorite shell before I did. I walk over to the same pile of shells, my heart racing now, and, behold, here is my cone sitting there on the top for everyone to see. When I was a newbie to shelling I would stop and wonder why that person before me did not pick this absolutely beautiful and rare find. Now I jump with joy that it is not what they are looking for and it will be mine.

You learn real quick that we are all different and not looking for the same thing. We think the standard of beauty is the same, but like everything in life it is relative and depends on your personal needs, desires, and tastes. So why is it when a home buyer finds a property they like and its been there for a while, the first reaction they have is: “Why didn’t anyone else buy it? What’s wrong with this house?”

Low tide means more shells – Slow market means low prices and a wide selection of homes

Since I live in Florida and go to our beaches (Barefoot Beach, Bonita Beach, Vanderbilt Beach, Delnor Wiggins State Park, Naples Beach & Pier) every day, I’ve become the expert.  I know which beaches have the sand dollars, I know exactly which spot I might find the Natica and can tell by the color of a pile of shells that there is a  shark tooth hidden there. Same in real estate, I regularly preview homes every week – I know exactly where we will find the home you are looking for.

Looking in the area closest to the water for the new finds – looking in the old piles for the forgotten treasures.

At the beach I always spot something I want or have been looking for – and in real estate I have found the perfect home for my clients.

Every shell has its own markings – and in Naples no home is like another, even if it is the same neighborhood or the same model, it does not make it the same condition, same view, same upgrades or same sun exposure.

I’ve learned when I find it, to grab it.

Yes, there are more shells in the sea that will come on the market shore tomorrow, but today I can still find what I want, and maybe what comes tomorrow does not fit my collection’s needs and just might not be as large, as colorful or in the same condition. Now, here is an advantage in home shopping over shelling, you can fix or repair a home and it will shine as new, but a broken shell can’t be fixed.

Today the tide was very low and  I found some exceptional shells. . . . and today is a great day in real estate in Naples, with a wide selection of homes, the lowest prices in years, the most serious and realistic sellers we’ve had for a while and with interest rates attractively low to make it happen. But like shelling, If I don’t grab what I want, the tide will change on me before I know it.

As a real estate local expert I am always looking for the perfect income property for my investors, the best beach view for my 2nd home buyer, and the best amenities for my snowbirds – I know exactly where to go to find the right home.

If you are serious about buying a home in Naples, know what you want and like – I know where to find it.

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