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I Might Be Bad at Math, but I am Really Good at Keeping an Eye on the Numbers

So if you are checking the real estate market for the purpose of buying a home in our beautiful Naples, and you read somewhere that such and such a neighborhood had 10 sales in the last couple of months – what’s that supposed to mean? Is that good? Is that bad? It really does not tell you much unless the numbers are compared.

So if you want valuable data, information that would really help you make the right decision on your next purchase, this is what you need: Local Information from a local real estate professional.

*** Inventory of homes – meaning the available homes for sale any day of the year

So let’s look at the community of Naples Park:

2010  –  Inventory of homes: 130 to 135, (3 of which pre-construction builder product)

2011 – Inventory of homes: 90 to 96, (8 of which pre-construction builder product)

2012  –  Inventory of homes: 65 to 68, (12 of which pre-construction builder product)

2013  –  Inventory of homes: 54 to 58, (17 of which are pre-construction builder product)

And to stress how important these numbers are, I should mention here Naples Park is the one and only community in the whole of Naples that offers single-family homes within walking distance (1 mile) to the beach at prices less than $500,000:

  • This is a 60% decrease in the inventory in the last 3 years
  • It is getting harder every day to find sellers who want to come on the market – they are expecting great appreciation and willing to wait.
  • 32% of homes for sale in Naples Park are new construction – it tells you were this neighborhood is heading
  • The price range in Naples Park is $178,000 (for a tear down) to $900,00 for a luxury home – quite a spread.
  • This neighborhood of approx 3,000 homes – has only 37 homes for sale plus 17 new construction – so if you are not interested in waiting for 8 months while your home is being built and you happen to be in the price range of $250,000 to $325,000 you might have just 5 or 6 homes to choose from.
  • The builders are also increasing their prices with every sale (thought it might not be that obvious) – where they used to offer 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car garage, pool, and tile roof at the approx price of $359,000 – now that same home though might still be priced the same, does not include the pool or a tile roof – a $45,000 in value.

Your Choice of Homes for Sale in Naples Park FL

If you are considering a purchase of a second home or investment property in Naples and would like to be within walking distance to the beach, pet friendly, and below $500,000, I highly recommend you take a good look at Naples Park. . . Call me today @ 239-776-5077 and we can talk some more.