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Naples FL – Your Choices in Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay is a premier luxury community in Naples with unparalleled amenities that offers a wide price range and all types of homes. Originally developed in the early 80’s with amazing foresight, all of the residents enjoy green preserved spaces, intelligent environmental planning and the only private beach in the whole area.


Condos – In the early going, there was an emphasis on condominiums so about 80% of the homes in Pelican Bay are condos. Although heavily weighted towards condos, they are cleverly intregated into the community with the high rises placed behind the mangroves to capture panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico. The low rise and mid rise condos are strategically spread out over the 2300+ acres tucked into tropically landscaped neighborhoods. Currently, the price range for condominiums is from the $300,000 to $7M and everything in between. Name your price and we’ll find something for you amongst the 100 units on the market for sale in Pelican Bay.

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Villas Comparatively, there are few villas available in Pelican Bay. These homes live like single family homes but the owners enjoy a more maintenance free lifestyle than the single family home residents. One of the big attractions to the villas is that in return for modest homeowner association dues, outside maintenance of the building and the grounds is taken care of for you. There is a wide price range for villas and the asking prices depend on square footage, location in the community, age, style and features.

As demographics and demand has changed over time, the villa homes are sought after for both full and part time homeowners. This means that the villas hold their value and appreciate better simply because of the law of supply and demand. There are opportunities for both attached (sharing a common wall with another home) and detached (free standing) villas in gated and non-gated neighborhoods within Pelican Bay. At any given time, there might be a dozen to 25 villas for sale so, being well educated on Pelican Bay villas and poised to take action is important. The chances for the right property can come and go quickly.

Villas comprise only about 10% of the housing in Pelican Bay and currently there are only 12 on the market for sale. Within those dozen property listings, the price range is wide and the styles vary with views of the golf course, water views and landscaped preserve views. The non-gated neighborhood of Villas of Pelican Bay shares a community pool, the homes in Bay Villas are pet friendly and are designed in a Mediterranean architecture, the homes in Isle Verde are approached through a secure guarded gate and live as large as a single family home, some of the villas are adjacent to a luxury high rise condo and benefit from all of the same exclusive amenities and Grand Bay villas have amazing natural light with all of the glass in a courtyard design with a private pool and guest cabana.

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Single Family Homes – An equally small percentage of the homes in Pelican Bay are single family homes and these start at prices over $1M and can top out at $25M for a rare beachfront mansion in the most exclusive neighborhood. Asking prices between $1.5M and$3M are more the norm. Because many of the single family homes were built 25 to 35 years ago, we are seeing major renovations and “tear down” candidates in Pelican Bay. At this time, there are 18 single family homes on the market for sale.

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Pelican Bay Golf Course, Naples, FL 

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