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Buying Real Estate as a Hedge Against Inflation – Naples, Florida

What is inflation?

Inflation is the increase in the prices of goods and services over time. Inflation cannot be measured by an increase in the cost of one product or service, or even several products or services. Rather, inflation is a general increase in the overall price level of the goods and services in the economy. Recently, the increase and rapid acceleration of inflation is largely due to government policies, the cost of energy, printing money and supply chain issues. Although there are long term fixes, things are not going to improve overnight.
Why is real estate a hedge against inflation?
Many people invest in real estate in Naples, Florida for various reasons. Very often, a buyer in Southwest Florida combines the benefit of rental income provided by a seasonal rental property with the desirable plus of a “free” family vacation or a weekend getaway. A pure investor in residential real estate is looking to purchase a seasonal vacation rental property, an annual rental property or a multi-family building with the intention of collecting rent and holding the property while enjoying appreciation of the asset.
Whichever category you may fall into, here is why real estate is a good investment as a hedge against inflation:
  • The investment you make in real estate provides income. Contrary to the volatility of stock market investments, you are collecting rent every month. In our area, you can expect a positive cash flow after all of your expenses of carrying a property.
  • You are not only collecting real income but you are enjoying appreciation along the way.
  • Even if you borrow money to purchase an investment property and have a monthly mortgage payment, you are gaining equity which means that you lower the loan-to-value of any mortgage debt as home prices rise over time.
  • Even as inflation affects other costs and the price of things increases (energy costs to cool a house or heat a pool, as an example), you can adjust your rent to compensate those increases in carrying costs.
  • In the case of an annual rental, the tenant is paying utilities, regular monthly costs and providing all of the furnishings. The owner would be paying real estate taxes, insurance and any mortgage payment only. The supply of annual rentals in Naples is painfully low with no relief in site so monthly lease rates are high.
  • In the case of a seasonal vacation rental, our demand in the Naples area far exceeds the supply. With short term vacation rentals, you have the opportunity to spin on a dime and adjust rates up or down to take advantage of seasonal ebbs and flows to make sure that your occupancy percentage remains high.
  • Although we experience real estate cycles, property values improve over time. See the graph below showing economic inflation next to appreciation across the nation for the past seven decades. Your real estate appreciation surpasses the inflation rate.


  • Overall, property values can be relied upon to steadily increase over time. In fact, the median sales price of houses sold in the U.S. has increased over 350% since 1990. This consistent growth makes building equity through homeownership a dependable way to create wealth.
  • If you purchase a home with a fixed rate mortgage, your monthly payment is based on the value of the dollar at the time of purchase. As you make payments over the years, you are paying with cheaper dollars as inflation rises.

Real estate is a time-honored inflation hedge. It’s a tangible asset and those tend to hold their value when inflation reigns, unlike paper assets. More specifically, as prices rise, so do property values, and so does the amount an owner can charge for rent, so that the property earns higher rental income over time.


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