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Naples FL Home Sellers – It’s About Effective Marketing

What is Effective Marketing?

Effective marketing is exposure that results in the sale of your home. Nowadays, that means the internet. Those potential buyers for your home are searching the internet hour after hour on their laptops at home, on their computer at work, and on their smartphones from wherever they are in the world. The statistics are overwhelming in regards to how buyers start their search for a home, how they search on the internet, how often they search, what times of the day they search, the internet searches they do prior to ever contacting a real estate agent and the factors that encourage them to click on certain home listings.

As a listing agent hired to sell your home, the single-most important factor in maximizing the exposure to market your home for sale is the online presence.

What about print advertising, you ask? Forgetta – bout – it. The truth is that the primary purpose of a real estate agent placing print advertising is to acquire other property listings. Human nature is such that sellers love to see their home advertised in print, but the truth is that it is painfully rare that it will sell your home. It’s just not where the buyers are looking in this day and age. And here in Naples, even more so, considering that our buyers come from other states or Internationally.

The internet allows incredible exposure with lots of opportunities for descriptive text and colorful photographs. Also, the listing agent is able to get timely and actual data reports on vital information that helps tweak the internet exposure – information such as how many buyers have clicked on the virtual tour, how many buyers have saved your listing as a favorite and where in the world those potential buyers are using their computers to view your home listing. This is critical information that helps to focus the marketing effort which is completely absent in print advertising.

The internet is the single-most powerful tool to sell your property – make it work to the max by hiring a listing agent who knows how to navigate the online world and then close the deal.

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