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Life is Short – Buy Your Beach House Now! Naples & Bonita Beach FL

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Life is short – buy that beach house now! We know that it doesn’t come cheaply but, life is short and we also know you don’t want to regret not having gone with your instincts. Naples and Bonita Springs is all about a beach lifestyle. Even if your world revolves around the golf course, our resort town vibe just wouldn’t be the same without those sandy beaches – if you didn’t enjoy the coastal lifestyle, then you would be playing golf in Arizona right now instead of reading this blog post.

Our market is being driven by the law of supply and demand. The inventory of homes has been shrinking for several seasons now and the demand for homes has been increasing. That is a simple equation which dictates that prices will trend up in a market that is healthy. Although the majority of purchases are cash, the real estate market cannot go skyrocketing out of control because the lending practices and regulations governing appraisals prevent too much rapid appreciation. Bottom line here is that you can expect prices for desirable properties to continue to increase in a steady manner. You’re thinking that you’ll wait until prices go down? Then you won’t be buying.

Buy that “Piece of Paradise” now, pay less than you would have to pay next year and start really enjoying life tomorrow. Why wait? Can you feel your toes in the sand? Your beach house is only a click away:

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