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Naples – New Listings, Price Decreases, and Price Increases

Some new listings are beginning to come on the market in Naples, Florida and it’s good for both the sellers and the buyers. Our inventory of both single-family homes and condominiums is the lowest it has been for years and years. The additional new listings are healthy for the local real estate market and keep a balance in the marketplace.

What about the timing of these new listings? Historically, many sellers will wait until the busy season when the population of Naples is at its peak to put their home on the market for sale. We would encourage sellers to come on the market now while there is less competition and there are immediate buyers wanting to purchase right now. Waiting will not necessarily mean a higher price as you don’t know what your neighbor was doing last night to prepare their home for sale and how it may affect sales prices. Both the sellers and the buyers can benefit from getting a deal done now.

For those of our customers who receive the automatic email updates with activity in their neighborhoods of interest, you may have noticed both price decreases and price increases recently. Typically, a price decrease is easily explained – the seller’s expectations were too high for the market or his motivation to get it done has changed. Sometimes, people are perplexed by seeing price increases for particular properties. Usually, this is a knee-jerk reaction to the seller having received too many lowball offers. The thinking is if the price is inflated, then I will get what I want when the negotiation plays out. We also see price increases when a property has not sold and the seller is anticipating a lot more traffic through the property in January, February and March.

If you have an interest in a particular property, both from a seller perspective or a buyer perspective, we are able to pull up a history of every property that is or has been for sale to provide details of price changes and status activity along the way.

For everyone reading this article, both buyers and sellers, we can easily set you up with automatic email updates to track properties that meet your criteria. The system is directly linked to the MLS system so the information is the most accurate and up to date. It is very unobtrusive and you will only receive email property links when there is a change – a new listing comes on the market in a neighborhood of interest, a price change, a property goes pending, there is a closed sale and you want to know how much it sold for, etc. It is THE best system for tracking the local Naples and Bonita Springs real estate market from the comfort of your own computer. Just ask and you will receive.

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