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Are you a serious buyer? Are you “just looking”? Do you want to know “if something comes up” that fits your needs? Are you wanting the inside track if a “special deal” comes on the market? How about those properties that never reach the MLS system? Read more and make a conscious decision regarding which kind of buyer you are…….you will need to make that decision beforehand if you want to make it happen and make the right property choice.

The Serious Buyer:

  • Wants to make it happen within a prescribed timeline. That could be over a scheduled weekend, in a month, during this upcoming season or over the next 12 months. There is a reason for the specific timeline but, most importantly, this buyer is determined to make it happen.
  • Has prepared ahead of time and knows the budget as well as the source of funds. If financing is part of the plan, then the loan process is put into motion.
  • Puts value on having a Realtor with knowledge,  experience and skills working diligently on his behalf. The serious buyer is eager to sign a Buyer Agreement to have this representation. A written and signed buyer agreement is not an obligation to purchase but, it does establish a mutual commitment between the customer and the Realtor which pays dividends in loyalty and priority. The buyer who has chosen to sign a buyer agreement is now a ‘Client’ to whom the Realtor is obligated to perform at the highest and most ethical level.
  • Puts value on local knowledge – sales history of the neighborhood, background information about the house or condo, any special knowledge that the Realtor may have, predictions for appreciation, reputation and features of different communities, traffic patterns and seasonal variations.
  • Schedules ahead of time. If he coming in from out of town, then he shares the travel plans with his real estate agent. This allows the agent to dedicate the necessary time in advance on the calendar, prepare by doing the research and scheduling showing appointments. Not every home is available to see at a moment’s notice – many require advance notice, some require a representative from the listing brokerage to accompany the showing and a key needs to be picked up ahead of time to show some properties.
  • Understands that the best results come from a team effort. The more information that you share with us, the better we can serve you.

 The Potential Customer:

  • Just “tracking” the real estate market, the Potential Customer isn’t ready to pull the trigger just yet. 
  • Perhaps still learning about the Naples and Bonita Springs areas, this type of buyer isn’t ready to commit but has some interest in learning more. We are there for you and we realize that sometimes there is an “educational” process that requires time. You won’t achieve a comfort level without coming up the learning curve.
  • Within the Potential Customer category, there is the Emotional Buyer. We have helped those spontaneous buyers make great purchases and they have no regrets whatsoever because we simply will not allow them to make a bad emotional decision. We are proud to have some wonderful success stories that fit into this scenario…….however, we prefer to slow things down and make sure that you have all of the data to make an informed decision. The Potential Customer and the Emotional Buyer need to make that conscious decision to align themselves with a Realtor they trust and rise to the ‘Client’ level as a Serious Buyer.
  • Trust is a two way street and we would like it to develop in both directions. As a Potential Customer, you can count on us to assist, consult and educate. In return, we expect you to inform us with changes in the plan and to share your thoughts. Feedback is even more important as you become a Serious Buyer who is ready to be a ‘Client’.
  • Understand that as you become more serious about being a buyer in Naples or Bonita Springs, you will need to graduate to a higher level of buyer to benefit from our knowledge, experience and dedicated effort on your behalf. The Serious Buyer who becomes a ‘Client’ with a written agreement is the priority. 

The Internet Lead:

  • Most of our clients are referred to us by existing clients, friends and people who know us by reputation. Because of our presence on the internet with our website   www.StepsToTheBeach.com   , we have many active leads contacting us through that source. We are happy to be a reliable place for people interested in local real estate to learn, get answers to their questions and search the MLS system.
  • As buyers, the leads coming from the internet are typically early in the process. We are patient and fully understand the public wanting to gather information on the computer in the comfort of their own home or office. 
  • Certainly, one of the purposes of having a very popular real estate website is to generate leads as a source of more business. Many of you enjoy the real estate newsletter that we send out weekly and many take advantage of our MLS search tool that is fed directly by our local Multiple Listing Service. 
  • Trust is built over time and we want to be your source of accurate and complete information regarding all things real estate related.
  • Understand that as you become more serious about being a buyer in Naples or Bonita Springs, you will need to graduate to a higher level of buyer to benefit from our knowledge, experience and dedicated effort on your behalf. The serious buyer who becomes a ‘Client’ with a written agreement is the priority.

The Looky Loo:

  • This person wanders into the Open House and asks a lot of questions but, has no intention of buying anything any time soon. No worries – we welcome everyone and we’re delighted to be able to answer all of your questions. We thank you for your interest and hope that a good connection is made for a long term real estate relationship.
  • Typically, this person is reluctant to share contact information and is happy to make a hobby of visits to Open Houses. Again, no problem at all.
  • We have developed some wonderful, long lasting real estate relationships and personal friendships throughout the years via Open Houses and chance encounters in public places. We respect that now might not be the right time for you to make a purchase but, we want to be your trusted advisor when the time comes…….however long that takes. In the meantime, we hope that you climb up the ladder to become a Customer and then a Client.
  • Do not expect to be on the same level as a committed client with a buyer agreement in place. You will not be in the forefront of our minds when opportunities arise, available properties come to our attention before they are made public in the MLS, our own “pocket listings” are for sale, consultations are sought or advice is needed.


As our local real estate market trends upward and leans more heavily towards a sellers market, it becomes increasingly more important for the buyer to team up with a full time, professional Realtor. Supply and demand is a driving force in our current market so, making informed and intelligent decisions going forward is critical as choices diminish and prices rise. As the best, full time professional real estate agents become fully booked with bona fide clients, you might be left getting questionable advice from chance encounters with somebody with a real estate license. Know where you are in the process and if you qualify as a “Serious Buyer” who is ready to make the commitment to become a “Client”.

As full time real estate professionals, we represent both buyers and sellers in the Naples and Bonita Springs area.  If you are a seller, we market your home globally to local, national and international buyers for the best results.  If you are a buyer, we listen well and will find your own “Piece of Paradise” at the best negotiated price and terms.

Call us today. Let’s talk about your needs. Tim @ 239-272-4848  or  Ellie @ 239-776-5077