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Naples, Florida is Dog (and Pet) Friendly

Naples Florida is Dog (and Pet) Friendly

Naples is dog and pet friendly across all of the price ranges for real estate. Communities without associations, of course, have no restrictions for size, weight or numbers. Condominiums and developments with a homeowners association typically have guidelines that will specify numbers, height at the shoulders, weight, type, breed, or some combination of those factors. As a pet friendly buyer in Naples, you have your own priorities for making a property purchase.

Your own list of “must-haves” might include walking distance to the beach as well as being big dog friendly. You might have two dogs and a cat, want to play golf, need a single family pool home on one level with at least three bedrooms in a gated community but have a price range of less than $700,000…….and you still want to be near the beaches. It is that list of priorities and your price range that is going to determine what and where you are able to buy. Until that list of priorities changes or gets shuffled from Priority #1 thru Priority #5, your options are dictated by “The List.”

Cat in Pelican Bay, Naples FLCheck out the links below to see how your own priority list compares to properties currently on the market for sale. These are samples – you have your own personalized criteria for a home or condo purchase so, call us with your wish list and we’ll make it happen for you.

To be successful in buying the right home for you and your pet(s), you need Realtors who know pet friendly in Naples. Just in the community of Pelican Bay, there are 90 neighborhoods if you count each condominium as a neighborhood and they all have their own guidelines and restrictions for pets. We have the local knowledge that you need. Call us or email us.

No Pet Restrictions – Single Family Homes West of Route 41 with a Pool

Canal Home and No Pet Restrictions in Conners at Vanderbilt Beach

Two Small Dogs (25 lbs. or less) in Pelican Bay Condo

Two Big Dogs in Pelican Bay Condo

No Pet Restrictions – Pool Homes in North Naples, Walk to the Beach and less than $850,000

One Small Dog and One Cat in Bay Colony High Rise

Canal Home with No Bridge Gulf Access and Totally Pet Friendly in Royal Harbor

Dog Friendly Condo, Resort Amenities, Walk to the Beach and Rent to Tenants by the Week

Beachfront Luxury Condo and Two Dogs of Any Size

Big Dogs in Pelican Bay Villa

Bonita Beach Beachfront Condo with 30 lb. Limit for One Pet

As full time real estate professionals, we represent both buyers and sellers in Naples. If you are a seller, we market your home to local, national and international buyers for the best results. If you are a buyer, we listen well and will find your own “Piece of Paradise” at the best negotiated price and terms.

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