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Tim Cranch

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HOLIDAY BOAT PARADES in Naples and Bonita Springs

Did you know that we have two holiday boat parades in the area this year? If you are lucky enough to live in Naples or visit the area during the holiday season, then you have reason enough to celebrate. And we celebrate in style here in Naples and Bonita Springs!

There are two boat parades in December to add a nautical touch to getting in the holiday spirit. Not to be outdone by other boaters, these skippers go over the top to entertain everyone with their decorations, themes, costumes, lights and music to create floating masterpiece displays. If you are considering a ringside seat at a restaurant with a view, you had better make that phone call now. Otherwise, you can line the streets, bridges, docks and shoreline with others to cheer on the boaters with your appreciation.  A fun event for the whole family!

Check out the location, dates, video, photos and more info by clicking on the links  below:

Naples Bay Boat Parade

Saturday, December 8th from 6:15 to 8:30pm

Click here for more information – Naples Bay Boat Parade


Bonita Springs Boat Parade

Saturday, December 8th at 6pm

Click here for more information and route map – Bonita Springs Boat Parade







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