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Naples, FL – Why Move Here Now?

Why move to Naples, Florida now? There are the obvious reasons including the beautiful weather, no state income tax and lower real estate taxes. Those three are reason enough for many, many people. But wait, there’s more!

We have a lot of reasons to accelerate your plans to make your move to the Naples area. Consider these things to leave your northern state and establish your residency in Florida:

  • No state income tax and low real estate taxes. If you are a full time Florida resident (more than six months in the Sunshine State), you will not be paying income tax on your earnings and you are able to take advantage of “Homesteading” and put a cap on your property taxes. Are you from a northern state with a reputation for high property taxes? You will not only pay lower taxes on your real estate but avoid high taxes on things like your automobile.
  • The weather. Do we really need to expand on this topic? It’s called the Sunshine State for a reason. Think you will miss the fall colors or fresh snow? That’s what the internet is for – you’ll find plenty of photos there.
  • Outdoor activities are endless. Golf, tennis, cycling, running, walking, pickle ball to name a few that are popular in Naples.
  • Some of the best beaches in the world. And each of the many beaches is different –  some are great for shelling, some are best for long walks, some are pet friendly for off leash dogs, some are State Parks, some are county parks. All beautiful. None crowded.
  • The water. It’s not just the beaches…….it’s boating, sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, kite boarding, fishing back bay waters, fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, docking at waterfront restaurants. Or just the calming effect of seeing it and being near it.
  • Culture. Naples is unique because you will not find the combination of a beach town vibe with the cultural opportunities and sophistication in such a town anywhere else on the planet. Art, music, film, entertainment on a world class level  with access for everyone.
  • Style. We have style and it comes in lots of flavors – architectural, events, cars, interior design, clothes, hats, boats, landscaping.
  • Getting here. Southwest International Airport in Fort Myers, Miami is just two hours away, I-75 connecting us to the north.
  • Nature. The Everglades, the Florida Keys, all kinds of birds, osprey, manatees, dolphins. 

  • Restaurants. Lots of Italian but every cuisine is represented, fresh seafood, Florida casual, upscale, pizza, waterfront, Fifth Avenue South, Third Street South, access by boat, affordable, expensive, outside dining, sidewalk cafes. Campiello’s, Mino, Tommy Bahama, Bayhouse. Name it and we have it.
  • Health Care. Naples ranks at the top of the national list for healthy lifestyle. We want to keep it that way and our area offers excellent hospitals, health care, doctors and practitioners.
  • Today’s real estate prices versus tomorrow’s real estate prices. You will be very pleased to learn that we offer a very wide price range for homes, villas and condos in the Naples area. From less than $250,000 to over $25M and everything in between. However, it’s Naples…….prices don’t go down. Better to buy now than next year. Cover your carrying costs with a few short term vacation leases if you are not ready to move full time yet.
  • The people. This is the clincher…….we have a live and let live Florida lifestyle attitude. Relaxed, considerate, kind and friendly. No big city posturing here. You will find the people who choose our side of Florida do it for a reason. We will let the residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton stay over there. On the left side of the map but on the right side of Florida.

We have a LOT to talk about. Call us to make your move at (239) 272-4848 now.


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