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Naples FL Buyers – What’s the Difference “Bundled Up Golf” and “Bundled Golf”?

Naples & Bonita Springs FL Real Estate & Homes for Sale – What’s the Difference “Bundled Up Golf” and “Bundled Golf”


What is the difference between “bundled up golf” and “bundled golf”? Bundled up golf refers to the way in which you would have to dress if you were silly enough to be still be up north and trying to survive the weather outside.  Bundled golf  is an affordable solution to buy a home in a Naples or Bonita Springs community and play as much golf as you like year ‘round in warm & sunny weather.

All kidding aside, the bundled golf neighborhoods in our area have gained a lot of popularity because the cost of playing golf in your own backyard is reasonable.Whether they play or not, every homeowner in the community financially supports the golf and clubhouse operations. These communities have excellent golf courses, a variety of housing options with a range of prices, are not overcrowded on the golf course and typically have reciprocal agreements with other clubs in the area to give golfers the opportunity to play many other courses in the area. 

Naples FL – View Condos & Homes for Sale in Bundled Golf communities from $100,000 to $250,000

Naples FL – Bundled Golf properties  $250,000 +

Bonita Springs FL – Condos & Homes for Sale in Bundled Golf Communities

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