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Top 5 Predictions for Naples Real Estate

Top 5 Predictions for Naples Real Estate

Usually, making predictions about real estate means going out on a limb because there are so many factors which affect market trends. However, I feel comfortable making these predictions because I’ve had my finger on the local pulse and seen many cycles in real estate over decades of firsthand involvement as a full time professional Realtor®.

1.) There will be more contracts written in November and December of 2012 than any other November and December since records have been kept including the two “bubble” years of 2004 and 2005.

2.) The simple but reliable Law of Supply and Demand will result in prices for single family homes in Pelican Bay, Park Shore, The Moorings and Coquina Sands to rise steadily.

3.) There will be a significant increase in the sale of new construction single family homes in all areas of Naples and Bonita Springs.

4.) Vacant building lots will become even scarcer (especially west of Route 41). This will result in more attention paid to “tear downs”. Homes that were previously regarded as candidates for renovation & remodeling will be demolished to make way for new custom homes. Result – increased prices for whatever vacant lots are left will rise and the “tear downs” will be more expensive. Waterfront property values will be very strong.

5.) In 2013, there will not be any single family home foreclosures on the market for sale in Naples that are located west of Route 41.


Advice for Sellers:

If you are thinking about selling your home, get on the market sooner than later. That perfect buyer could be roaming the streets right now and ready to pull the trigger. Price accurately for the market from Day One without exaggeration. Attract the buyers during the honeymoon period when the listing is new and then stand your ground when the offers come in.

 Advice for Buyers:

The inventory is lower now since you began your search. At the rate at which contracts are being written, this condition is not going to improve in your favor. Make offers now on your homes of choice to find a serious seller before more buyer competition arrives in town. Be ready to take action when the right home comes on the market for sale.

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