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Got Sunsets? Guaranteed, in Naples and Bonita Beach FL

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Everybody loves a good tropical sunset. It’s beautiful, it’s mesmerizing, it’s romantic and it’s a little bit different every day. Watching that big red ball sink into the Gulf of Mexico is worth celebrating each and every time. Stay in your spot for the entire performance and you will be treated to hues of pinks and purples with a gorgeous afterglow. If you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you will witness the “green flash”. Contrary to some folks too impatient to become afficionados of tropical sunsets, the green flash is a real phenomenon. We have seen it three times but, it is very difficult to capture a photograph of it. (  See more about the green flash by clicking on this link   http://365thingstodoinnaplesfl.com/2011/09/19/the-green-flash-its-real/   )

To guarantee a sensational sunset on a regular basis, you need a place of your own on the beach. Improve your life, relax and enjoy the best moments on the beach – buy your very own beachfront “Piece of Paradise”. We came across a great tool on the computer the other day to confirm how the sun tracks from any home or condo building that you might be considering. Check it out by clicking here: SunCalc.net  If sunsets are important to you, then you will want to know exactly what you will be seeing at different times of the year before you make a beachfront real estate purchase. After you close the deal is not the time to find out that another condo building is obstructing the sunset view during the time of year when you will occupy your own condominium. The shape of the building and location of a condo within the building could block a view, the set back from the beach might be important and the specific rooms within a condo that have the best views may be of interest to you. For sure, don’t believe everything you read and see on the internet regarding property listings – I know it’s hard to believe but, sometimes there is some exaggeration and “puffery” going on in those listings. We have seen some sunset photos in the MLS that look spectacular but, they are not actually taken from the unit itself. If you have a passion for sunsets then you need us. Each location along the beaches in Naples and Bonita Beach has it’s own character, orientation and factors that influence your sunsets. Call or email us for particulars about homes and specific condos along the beach – we are sunset lovers ourselves and look forward to pointing you in the right direction.

We can help you guarantee gorgeous sunsets each and every day. Click on the links below to find your own “Piece of Paradise”complete with sunsets:

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 As full time real estate professionals, we represent both buyers and sellers in the Naples and Bonita Springs area. If you are a seller, we market your home globally to local, national and international buyers for the best results. If you are a buyer, we listen well and will find your own “Piece of Paradise” at the best negotiated price and terms.


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