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Naples FL – Why Do I Need a Realtor When Buying New Construction?

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If having a Realtor on your side is recommended when purchasing a home in general, it is 4 times more important when considering purchasing new construction from a builder/developer.

  • No matter what the sales staff of a builder tells you, everything in real estate is negotiable – We have negotiated on behalf of our clients for over 28 years dealing with the builders and new construction. However, the timing in the negotiation is extremely important.  You might negotiate a real estate transaction once every couple of years, we negotiate deals every day.  
  • The real estate contract that you would use in purchasing any re-sale home in FL is a standard contract that was written with the buyers and sellers in mind – and covers the rights and obligations of both parties. However, the builder’s contract is written by their team of attorneys with one purpose in mind, to protect the builder ONLY.  Every builder has their own contract.  Over the years I can not tell you how many times we’ve found terms that needed to change or ambiguities.
  • Choosing the right lot location (for re-sale value and appreciation in the future).  You can’t expect the sales staff to alert you when you are choosing the least appealing site (after all they do not represent you). By the way, the sales staff with most builders are not licensed real estate agents who are obligated to follow certain ethics and rules. For a good reason, that is the case with most builders.  
  • When your home is completed there is what we call a final walkthrough inspection conducted with the builder – to create a punch list for mistakes or uncompleted items – I can tell you from experience most buyers are so excited about their new home that they do not notice the corrections that need to be done.  Not to mention that most buyers lack the knowledge of construction and would not be able to see that an item was poorly done or to make note of a any defects.  You need an experienced eye to help you make the punch list complete.
  • From the time you start the contract until your home is complete – there are numerous decisions that need to be made and we will be there with you for good advice. We also have several things we recommend to our clients to be done while the home is under construction.
  • As a buyer you should be alerted to the difference between a licensed real estate agent and a sales person and how that affects you as a buyer.  
  • My partner Tim Cranch was a partner in a luxury construction company in Virginia and he understands construction very well and you will benefit from his advice too.
  • The real estate law, representation, rules and regulations differ from state to state. Florida is different from Indiana, Virginia or any other state.
  • Last but not least – It goes without saying that the builder’s sales staff  is there to sell you only one product, the builder’s product.  However, your real estate agent is working with you on finding the right home that fits your needs and lifestyle, be it new construction or a re-sale home. 

Mistakes do happen and only a trained eye can catch these mistakes.  A builder changed the floor plan slightly one time, it happened to be our client’s favorite feature in the home – major credit was given – another the wrong carpet color was installed (our client didn’t notice), the carpet had to be replaced etc.  We love working with the local builders and have a good relationship with many of them – these connections will come in handy when you are trying to compare the different new developments and decide which development offers the right lifestyle for you.

A home purchase is a major investment – protect your investment by having a Realtor on your side.

Whether you are looking for Re-Sale or New Construction, give us a call.  

Tim at 239-272-4848 or Ellie at 239-776-5077. . . We are happy to work with you as a team to find the right home for YOU!