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Naples – Taxes and Homestead

Thinking about establishing Florida residency in the Naples or Bonita Springs area? You are not alone. Many people from northern states have made the move to escape high taxes and enjoy the Florida lifestyle. Many more right now are accelerating their plans to purchase a home or condo in Southwest Florida to leave behind high taxes, cold weather, and economies that have been devastated by the recent overreaching state regulations on business and daily life.

In addition to the benefit of living in a state that does not have a state income tax, you can qualify for a homestead exemption on your real estate taxes. By being a permanent resident of Florida, you are entitled to a reduction up to $50,000 from the assessed value of your home. Make Florida your home for more than 6 months of the year and benefit from lower real estate taxes and NO state income tax.

Step #1  Call us at (239) 272-4848 to purchase your own “Piece of Paradise.”

Step #2  Establish residency.

Step #3  Apply for the Homestead Exemption.

Step #4  Enjoy the Florida lifestyle in sunny Naples, Florida, and never pay state income tax again, along with lower real estate taxes on your home.

If you are filing for the first time, be prepared to answer these questions:

  • Whose name or names were on the title on January 1?
  • What is your social security number and your spouse’s social security number?
  • Were you or your dependent living in the dwelling on January 1?
  • Do you claim residency in another county or state?

To prove your residency, these are items you can provide:

  • Proof of previous residency outside Florida and date ended
  • Florida driver license or identification card number
  • Evidence of giving up driver license from another state
  • Florida vehicle license plate number
  • Florida voter registration number (if US citizen)
  • Declaration of domicile and residency date
  • Name of current employer
  • Address listed on your last IRS return
  • Dependent children’s school location(s)
  • Bank statement and checking account mailing address
  • Proof of payment of utilities at homestead address

Visit the website below for information specific to Naples, Florida, and surrounding area, for Homestead Exemption:

Collier County Property Appraiser / Homestead Exemption

As full time real estate professionals, we represent both buyers and sellers in Naples. If you are a seller, we market your home to local, national and international buyers for the best results. If you are a buyer, we listen well and will help you find and negotiate your own “Piece of Paradise” 

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