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Investment Properties – Naples, Florida

Interested in an investment property in Naples, Florida? Our investor clients fall into two categories, (1) the “pure” investor who doesn’t care to even see the property and only cares about the return on investment (ROI) and (2) the serious but more “casual” investor who wants a good return and wants to enjoy our area’s real estate appreciation but also will use the property for their own family vacations.


The real estate investor who chooses a property that his/her family enjoys as a vacation home or second home while renting seasonally short term is the focus of this article. You are the type of investor / owner that makes up most of the seasonal rental properties in our area. Typically, you are savvy and have experience buying and selling property. You might own more than one property now. You are not afraid and analyze the numbers carefully while balancing what location and type of property is most suitable for your own family use. We listen, we understand, we know our real estate market and we advise from a place of much experience.

Here is some food for thought and things to consider as you become a serious buyer:

  • Firstly, what is your comfort zone for price range? This is going to determine location, proximity to the beaches and type of property.
  • Are you a cash buyer or will you purchase with a mortgage? This makes a difference when you calculate the numbers.
  • Does the home or condo need to be pet friendly for your own use? Pet friendly properties are a big deal in the Naples area. An important factor because we have a lot of people with pets, folks who go on an extended vacation want to bring their dogs and there can be restrictions or limitations on pets in communities. Every condo has some sort of pet guidelines and some homeowners associations in gated communities have established rules.
  • How often and what time of year are you going to use the property for yourself? This correlates directly with expectations for rental income.
  • How long are you planning to keep the property? Is this a home or condo that you are going to make a full time residence at some time in the future?
  • Are you comfortable with maintaining a single family home? The services such as lawn maintenance and pool cleaning service are easily set up and affordable. No matter the type of property, there will be periodic need for a handyman or appliance repair.
  • Is your mindset more of a “lock and leave it” approach that you have with a condominium?
  • Beyond covering your carrying costs of real estate taxes, insurance and utilities, what are your expectations for cash flow?
  • When you are in Naples yourself or with family, what are your activities? What do you want to be near? How often will you be going to the beach? How many times will you go out to eat at restaurants? Tennis? Golf? Boating?
  • Can you handle projects or do you want a move-in ready property?
  • Do you have a preference for buying a property unfurnished, furnished or turn key?

That’s a few things to think about and answering those questions would get us pointed in the right direction. LOTS to talk about and we’re ready to get started. Call Tim at (239) 272-4848 or send an inquiry to  TimCranch@StepsToTheBeach.com


Serious buyer? We listen well and will find your own “Piece of Paradise” at the best negotiated price and terms. We are full time professional Realtors who depend on your referrals.

Serious seller? We will give you honest advice about current market conditions and pricing. We will market your home to local, national and international buyers for the best results.

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