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Do Aqua Ranges Accelerate Your Drive?

Do Aqua Ranges Accelerate your Drive?

pelican marsh 

It is a Saturday afternoon in beautiful Naples, Florida. You are out with 3 of your friends playing one of Southwest Florida’s most desirable golf courses and a friend of yours hits the golf ball from the tee straight into a body of water. Well, what happens to that golf ball? It sinks right? So how is it that clubs that offer an aqua range get their golf balls to float? Well we have some answers for you. 

Many Country Clubs in Collier County use Aqua Ranges that allow golfers to hit golf balls into a large body of water such as a lake or pond. The balls will float unlike normal golf balls to make it where the club can reuse the golf balls. The golf balls will go off to the side where they will be scooped up and reused.  This may be great for the occasional golfer but for the serious golfer this can be a nightmare. Many golfers don’t find out until after the fact that: 

  • Aqua Range balls are said to be about 5% lighter to allow for flotation.
  • This decrease in weight will drastically affect the balls trajectory especially if wind is involved.
  • Reflection of the Sun off the lake can be a headache as well during certain times of the day.
  • There is no need for distance markers since the distance of the floating balls would be much shorter than an actual golf ball. What good is a driving range if you cannot take your perfected swing to the actual course? 

Fortunately, the Naples Golfer has many great country clubs to choose from, such as Audubon Country Club, Quail West and Wyndemere that offer state of the art facilities and driving ranges that are… well … REAL and HONEST. From viewing their single family homes and playing the golf course, I can set up a day for you at any of these clubs to ensure that the club and the homes are a perfect match for your needs. 

Clubs with an Aqua Driving Range: 

If you enjoy aqua ranges, we recommend visiting one of these clubs. We will be more than happy to provide you with details on membership, along with active listings within the community.