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Things That Make Me Go “Hmmmmm…..” – Lessons for Home Sellers

Things That Make Me Go “Hmmmmmmm…….” Lessons for sellers.

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1.)   Home listings in the MLS system that say, “Bring All Offers”.  Really? Did the owner of the property say that? Or is that the listing agent just trying to get something to take to the owner in an attempt to show that he or she is doing their job? Or perhaps it is a technique for the listing agent to justify a price reduction? Here is one possible scenario on how that conversation might go:

Listing Agent: “I have an offer for your home. It is for $500,000…….but it’s all cash.”

Owner/Seller: “That’s absurd. I’m not even responding to that. Obviously, these buyers are not serious.”

Listing Agent: “I’ve been telling you that the house is overpriced. This is what the buyers in today’s market are willing to pay.”

Owner/Seller: “Then why did you tell me we should list the house at $775,000?”

Lessons to be learned if you are a seller:

A.  Price your house accurately from Day One.  Be wary of the agent who promises the highest price – that is most likely the agent that you do not want to list with if you want results.

B.  Expect marketing, not excuses.

C.  Respond to written offers only. Verbal offers are worth nothing.

2.)  No photograph for the front elevation of the house.  Buyers, especially buyers who are looking at homes for sale on the internet, love pictures. To sell a home, the more photos, the better. If you show me the inside of the house and the pool area but, you conveniently don’t provide a photo of the front of the house how do you think I am going to respond? Of course, I am going to wonder, “What is wrong with that house?” Do you think that I am going to jump in my car or spend time going to a Google street view? Not.

Lessons to be learned if you are a seller:

A.  Make sure that your listing agent posts the maximum number of photographs on the MLS listing and any other internet marketing venues. People love photos.

B.  If there is a deficiency in the curb appeal of your home, then fix the problem. You will be rewarded with a return on your investment.

C.  You are concerned with the sale of only one home – yours.  Your listing agent should care as much as you do with the sale of your home.  How much attention do you think your home is getting with an agent that “collects” listings?

3.) Wrong and misleading information in the MLS listing. As a real estate agent representing a potential buyer for your home, I depend on the information in the MLS listing to be accurate. My buyer depends on that information to be accurate. My reputation as a buyer agent with my client depends on that information to be accurate. Some examples that are repeated way too often are properties that are actually 2 bedrooms plus a den being falsely advertised as 3 bedrooms and another frequently abused detail is incorrect rental policies. This really makes me question the accuracy of all the rest of the information, the professionalism of the listing agent and the brokerage company as well as all of the other things that I could possibly find out after it’s too late.

Lessons to be learned if you are a seller:

A.  Check the accuracy of the details in your home listing.

B.  Your listing agent should be marketing the features of your home – not exaggerating things, misrepresenting other things or using puffery to lure people to the house only to have potential buyers and real estate agents be disappointed or angry.

C.  You and your listing agent are a team that has a goal to accomplish. Communicate, work together and be pointed in the same direction.


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